Hank Bull

My Point of View

We see Centre A as being a part of a very important cultural development in Vancouver which is the following. Vancouver has the waterfront for people, it has made its downtown a living space, and it has a very exciting urban environment. What Vancouver needs now is cultural amenities. We need the museums and the performing art centres that will really make this place a cultural destination.

Centre A wants to be a part of that and to celebrate what is unique about Vancouver which is that it is the largest Asian city in the world outside of Asia.

We want to celebrate the cultural mix we have in our community, the coming together of all sorts of influences from Europe, from Asian countries and from the native people who have called this place home, and to make a space where ideas can be explored, where connections can be made with people, and where everyone can be involved in a conversation and in the construction of the new culture of the city.

Art begins with a member of the audience