Sheryl Williamson-Harms

WECAN and St. Paul's Hospital

You may wonder why a group like WECAN that is primarily concerned with livability issues related to crime and safety would be interested in the proposed development of a local hospital. Actually, it's quite simple ~ the answer is liveability. WECAN recognizes the potential negative impact that the relocation of this major medical centre would have on our community. Hundreds of businesses in the area, doctors' offices, medical services, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and the like would lose countless customers.

West Enders that relocated to the area for easy pedestrian access to the hospital would be faced with a commuting challenge. What of all the seniors that rely on nearby medical services? The out of town patients and their families supporting them ~ where would they stay or eat when the proposed site has no infrastructure in place? Pulling this major medical, economic and social anchor out of our community could sink the West End.

WECAN and the Friends of St. Paul's Hospital project are based on the simple concept that knowledge facilitates intelligent decisions. Don't take our word for it - that your hospital moving would be a bad thing. Participate in the conversation and learn what you need to know to make an informed decision about what you want for your hospital. We can't force our will on the hospital administrators or the provincial ministry, but we can strive to understand the options and express our valid concerns in a focused and constructive manner.

Be a Friend of St. Paul's Hospital ~ help this community remain healthy.
Sheryl Williamson-Harms
Chair, West End Citizens´ Action Network