Continuum of Storyeum

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The interests of the Downtown Vancouver Association Arts and Cultures Forum are to explore ideas and initiatives that contribute to demonstrating Vancouver is a community of diverse cultures, a city of ideas, and a centre for the arts.

On June 12th 2007, Vancouver Community Forums co-hosted a tour of Storyeum to explore the idea of creating an Arts Experience Centre there. There were a number of interests, ideas, and questions expressed by participants before, during, and after the event. There have been two news stories related to the future os the Storyeum facility since then.

You are invited to explore the information, interests, and ideas expressed and contribute your thoughts and ideas. What interests could an Arts experience centre contribute to? Who could benefit from an Arts Experience Centre?Is the Storyeum facility at 142 Water Street a good location for an arts centre?

If you an interested would you like to be connected to other interested parties you can add yourself to the interested participants. Are you an interested party, would you like to be connected to other interested parties, - would you like to continue to be connected? You can express your interests through the conversation centre and privately to the conversation hosts through the inbox.

Contribute your thoughts and ideas

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