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Celebrate the Burrard Street Bridge

1932 - 2007

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A Heritage Vancouver Event

Sunday, August 26th, 2007
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Sunset Meadows

Heritage Vancouver is hosting a community celebration to mark the 75th Birthday of a famous Vancouver landmark, the Burrard Street Bridge. Vancouverís iconic heritage bridge, which officially opened in the summer of 1932, was originally designed as the ceremonial entrance to False Creek and downtown Vancouver.

Over its 75-year life span this art deco bridge has inspired a wide range of reflections, memories and artistic expression. We would like to invite you to come to the event and share your memories and reflections of what the Burrard Bridge has meant to you and the City of Vancouver.

The speeches will begin at 3:00 PM at the grassy area known as Sunset Meadows immediately to the west of the bridge, and in keeping with the spirit of the 75th anniversary you will have 75 seconds to convey your message. Please contact Heritage Vancouver at (604) 331-8430 or to confirm your attendance at the Birthday Party.

Birthday guests will savour two giant cakes one replicating the Burrard Street Bridge and the other of a pedestrian and cyclist bridge designed to be as memorable as similar structures in other world-class cities.


Over the last 15 years the City of Vancouver has been exploring ways to increase the capacity of the bridge. Currently the City is working on a detailed design of a sidewalk expansion on this iconic Art Deco landmark.

The plans are to create new sidewalks on cantilevered outrigger structures, adding appendages slicing horizontally across the bridge's architectural features that would radically alter the bridge's appearance. The existing railings would be demolished to make way for new railings pushed out to the edges of the new sidewalks. Without its original railings, the bridge would lose its strong edges and its defining architectural features would be isolated in a broad expanse of pavement.

The issue is how to accommodate increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians without compromising the heritage architecture and iconic status of the bridge and disfiguring this civic landmark.

Click here for a view of the future for the world-renowned Burrard Street Bridge.

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Celebration co-hosted by

Westend Business Improvement Association       Heritage Vancouver       Vancouver Community Forums

Downtown Vancouver Association     Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association     West End Citizens Action Network