Tutankhamen and the Pharoahs of Egypt

Downtown Vancouver Association
Arts and Cultures Forum Meeting

Michella Frosch will talk about bringing the second exhibition of Tutankhamen artifacts to Vancouver

When : Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am
Where: UBC Robson Square, Room C475

There is an opportunity to bring the second exhibition of King Tutankhamun to Canada in 2008 as part of the six venue North American tour. "Tutankhamun and the Pharaohs of Egypt" is being toured by Arts and Exhibitions International and is currently at its third venue in North America at the Field Museum in Chicago.

The exhibition consists of 145 objects compared to 131 in the first Tut exhibition and has more significant artifacts. This exhibit will be available to travel to Toronto and hopefully to Vancouver over a Seattle venue. Information about the exhibition can be explored at www.kingtut.org

The economic benefit to the communities hosting the exhibition is significant. There is no financial risk to the hosting institution since the producers of the exhibition cover all the expenses of operations. The agreement, which is based on a profit sharing model after expenses, will be negotiated directly with the principals of AEI, Arts and Exhibitions International. 750,000 visitors are anticipated during the 6-month period of the exhibition.

To secure a venue in Vancouver for the exhibit in 2008 we need to ensure we have the support of the City and the community. It will have to generate sponsorship and support of approximately $5 million. The $5 million is the difference in revenue to the organizers from holding the event in Seattle.

Come and hear about this unique opportunity

Presented by the Downtown Vancouver Association and the
University of British Columbia Downtown Campus

Downtown Vancouver Association

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