Vancouver Community Forums

A Celebration of the Sixtieth Anniversary
of the Downtown Vancouver Association
and the Launch of Vancouver Community Forums

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
5:30 pm, Centre A, 2 Hastings Street


5:30 pm - Reception
6.00 pm - Welcome: Mayor Sam Sullivan
6:05 pm - A Context for Conversation: Ray Spaxman
6:15 pm - Forum Conversations
8:30 pm - Celebration
9.00 pm to close - Conversations and Connections

Forum Conversations and Moderators
Vancouver Community Forums: Roger Chilton
Community Issues: Michael Clague
Arts and Culture: Hank Bull
Urban Design: Ray Spaxman
Creating Connections: Judith Marcuse

More Information

Invite a guest
Bring your questions and ideas
Have a good conversation
$60 ticket contribution suggested
If a contribution is a challenge please be our guest

Event Hosts

Centre A       Downtown Vancouver Association       Quantum Ideas

Conversation Hosts

Merrick Architecture Kenna Group Vancouver Foundation   BC Electric Building   Cadillac Fairview   Spirit of Vancouver

Reception Hosts

Tourism Vancouver     Oh Boy Productions